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Monthly Total 6
Cumulative Total 6

Week numbers are in green and fish caught numbers are in black in the above table.

7 Responses to Catch Reports 2019

  • Opening day went well on the 12th January it was a wet and blustery day with gales of WNW. A few anglers managed a cast but I’m afraid we only had a couple of kelts caught. About 20 local anglers gathered at the Netstore for a bowl of homemade soup to warm them up and a wee dram if they wanted one. Let’s hope for a better season with a little bit rain and good runs of fish. Tight lines to everyone for the season.

  • FIRST FISH 2019
    The fist fish of the 2019 season was landed tonight about 5pm by Stevie Loughran in Forsil on beat 3, it was a cracking fish of around 10LBS. Hopefully the first of many. Conditions were good with the river running at 12 inches with a fresh westerly breeze.

  • 18TH-23RD MARCH
    The week ended with 2 fish in the book the second fish of the season was caught in Ashills and was 37 inches long about 19lbs going on catch and release data. With good big tides this week I would like to think that we have had a nice run of fish entering the system. Prospects for this week look more encouraging with steady rods on the river and a nice rise in water tonight fingers crossed for a good weeks fishing.

  • 25th-30th MARCH
    It was a very encouraging week with another 4 entries in the book best was 20lbs another at 14,11 and 9lbs which is great. Two of the four were sea liced and the other two were bars of silver, so fingers crossed for more of the same this week with a wee drop of water to help us on.

    It was a very challenging week of weather with light winds at the start of the week then severe gale force NNEly midweek with heavy rain which lost two days fishing with a dirty rising river on both days and spates in the region of 6 ft which was the biggest of the year so far and the latter part of the week was marred by a cold Ely airflow The only entry of the week was on Tuesday a lovely 9.5lbs fish from beat four. Let’s hope for better condition’s this week.

  • 8TH-13TH APRIL
    It was a very hard week of weather with the wind direction consistently having a bit of easterly in it it pushed the fish down and dried the ground up very quickly after the good water last week. The only action this week was on Monday evening on beat four when a fish was hooked in barriers and was lost after 10 minutes. Let’s hope for a change of wind direction and a good drop of rain.

  • 15TH-20TH APRIL
    It was another hard week of weather with the easterly wind continuing for most of the week and with the hot sun out as well it hampered fishing. The river has dropped to summer lows and we need a decent drop of rain to improve the situation.