Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep
0 0 0 17 21 26 30
0 3 0 18 22 27 31
2 3 15 19 23 28 32
0 0 0 16 20  24 29 33
  5     25    
Monthly Total 2  11
Cumulative Total 2  13

Week numbers are in green and fish caught numbers are in black in the above table.

14th-19th May

The weather has proved very difficult this week with bright sunshine and mainly light winds. Even with early starts and evening fishing the fish were elusive and it was a blank week. On a positive note the hill lochs were a saviour and some lovely trout were caught up to nearly 3lbs.

Fingers crossed for rain

7th-12th May

I’m afraid it was a very hard week’s fishing with zero entries in the book, weather condition’s were very poor for fishing. I hope this coming week brings a few fish on the rising spring tide.

30th April-5th May

It was a bit better this week with 5 entries in the book but as with all rivers all over Scotland the fishing remains slow. I hope that the fish arrive on the cost very shortly and in good numbers. I hope that it is just a knock on affect of the cool winter and fingers crossed it will all come good shortly.

23rd-28th April

I am afraid that it was a blank week which was disappointing as we were fully tenanted. Condition’s were very difficult with blazing sunshine an very low water. A small rise at the weekend due to a thunder plump of rain at the top of the river, I hope this improves the fishing this week.


16th-21st April

It was a fair week of weather and with no surprise the river continued to fall away as the week progressed. The tally for the week was another three fish fresh but none were sea liced, the encouraging thing was there was a few fish on the tide and entering the system. The numbers were not big but every little helps as they say. It is raining at the moment and I hope it continues as we need a lift in water to help us this coming week. On the plus side it was settled and I managed to get all the fry out to the river from the hatchery this week, so I am delighted to report that the hatchery was a great success this season again.

9th-14th April

With good water and decent enough fishing condition’s at the start of the week gave us a better week’s fishing with 3 entries in the book. The fish do not appear to be on the coast in any big numbers at the moment but fingers crossed they will come soon. As well as the three fish landed another two were lost at the net which was a shame but that’s fishing.

I hope that this weeks big tide takes a fresh run of fish into the system.

2nd-7th April

The week was not much different than most of the winter cold and wet with gales of wind at times, but alas I’m afraid that even with the river nearly fully tenanted with good fishers the fish did not want to make an appearance. We are no different at the moment than many river’s in the country, I hope that we just need the weather to warm up a little and fingers crossed this will take a fresh run of fish to the coast and into the system.

26th-31st March

It was a difficult week with the river unsettled and a cold Ely wind at times that held the fishing back so I’m afraid we have nothing to report this week. I hope this coming week is better.

19th-24th March

Well things have come good at last as the weather improved a little this week turning a bit milder we had a good few days. Early in the week a nice fish was lost in corner pool and another in Ashills and a big fish seen in Forsil that came to the fly but turned away. The second fish was caught on Saturday in Sandy Brae with another two fish lost in Smegil. So after long cold start things are looking up and let’s hope that they continue and the weather is kind to us this week.


Opening day went well even with the cool spell of weather we had around 20 angler’s brave the cold condition’s. The catch was poor with only one kelt being caught on beat 4 with the water tempetures at only one degree I was not surprised. After a cast it was back to the Netstore for a bowl of homemade soup tea, coffee and a bit of cake and scones. And a wee dram if anybody wasn’t driving and wished a wee warmer.

Fingers crossed for a good season to come tight lines to all.

23/03/2018 First Fish

The first fish of the season was successfully landed this morning, It was caught by Alan Macleod in Forsil and was 7lbs no sea lice. With the weather warming up a little it has stirred up the fish with another couple lost this week so far.